Do you like music & like to help others? – after The Guest Card Cocktail

Last Friday The Guest Card organized another monthly networking Cocktail held in The Carlton Ambassador Hotel in The Hague. Very cozy and specific place to visit. I personally like the round, huge bar, where everyone can connect and chat. To be honest with you the music played last Friday, was bringing a sense of relaxation and happiness too.

The idea is to meet after work and have fun with expats and network. I did go only for a moment and end up staying longer and meeting very interesting people. Nothing better than good, meaningful talk after busy and stressful week.

Great idea of The Guest Card, if you haven’t been there yet – its about time to join and simply enjoy your Friday evening.

One of the surprising thing was meeting a young musician who was promoting a benefit concert (where he will be playing as well). I found it very inspiring and very important to spread a word about it, as I do like the idea. You go for a concert, enjoy your time with classic music and at the end of the evening you donate as much money as you wish and you thing the concert was worth for a good cause.

”The concert takes place in the name of „Stop Tetanus”. „Stop Tetanus” is a joint venture charity project of Kiwanis international and UNICEF. As the name describes, the goal is to eliminate tetanus on the whole world. Of coarse this is an ambitious project but we are convinced that already small donations help. It that sense you’re warmly invited to come to the benefit concert: you are supporting „Stop Tetanus” and at the same time you can enjoy fresh interpretations of Early Music!”

Dream Job Diva


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