Anything is possible …

Recently, I have been watching Polish news, one year after Japan tsunami. And here is a thought, why are we all running to get more, to earn more, to have more if the Earth needs only one minute to destroy it all, to take it all away from us.

I am only a person, same as everyone around having feelings and having needs and dreams. Which means that from time to time I also have my ups and downs with some destructive thoughts.

Living abroad alone, far away from a family, searching for a job and getting rejected, trying to find out what one shall do with its life, having no friendly people around … can be hard.

Than watching such a program like reconstruction of tsunami or massacre in Afghanistan give us different view on our life. Though some may say – ‘’ooo ya I do not care what happened here or over there as I am here and I have to take care of myself’’. That is also true, we do need to take care of ourselves in order to function every day. If we are happy everything around sounds better and we do better job and than maybe some of us may even help others.

I have met in my journey, people who were having so little, who were alone on their life journey (due to life circumstances, war and etc ) and yet they were the most energized, happy and inspired people. I could only wish to have such a positive and strong spirit as them.

Therefore, nowadays every time I am down with my feelings and thought, I think of those people and I am grateful for my life.

Write down on a piece of paper, and look at it every time you are sad or you doubt in yourself :

  1. What are you grateful for in your life?
  2. What have you achieve in your life till now?

It does not need to be a brand new BMW or Chanel perfume (as those things are only unnecessary cherry to our life pie). The fact that you are healthy, that you have place to sleep,  that you have something to eat, that you have a friend (many people around you do not necessary mean you have lots of friends), those things are crucial for all of us to be able to achieve and get more after all…

Watching at the same time video of Steve Jobs talking about taking every day as it is the last one, enjoy your life because you never know what can happened tomorrow: ‘’Remembering that you going to die, is the best tool to go forward with your life…Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life’’ – was also like a special, inspirational message from the other side. See how much he achieved and even now when he is gone, people take his advice into consideration.

This is the best price of life. Someone gets recognized for his/hers actions. One is respected and people wish to follow him/her because he/she does give a good example of his/hers own life.

Therefore, follow Steve Jobs words: (…) ‘’ Stay hungry, stay foolish ….’’

Dream Job Diva



2 thoughts on “Anything is possible …

  1. Many compliments for your blog Joanna. It is clear and interesting to read. Hope it encourages people to contact you for coaching and/or support in finding a job.

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