”Does the coach need a coach? – after Connect Coffee meeting

Connect Coffee monthly meetings are organized by Bintou Keita. Though, today meeting was hosted by Marie Dewulf at her beautiful home. We should have been focusing on one topic ”honouring our needs” presented by Marie, but instead of that we were honoring our needs and talking about so many things at the same time (put in one room lots of women and for sure you will hear a lot of fascinating stories). As there were so many international and special women from Ivory Cost, Belgium, Ecuador, Turkey, Poland, Romania and Indonesia. The fantastic mix. One of the ladies asked Marie and me as we are both coaches: ‘’Does the coach need a coach?’’. Very interesting question and the answer from both of us was: ’’Yes’’.  We are only people with the same feelings as anybody else. At the same time in order to be professional we do need to work on our own issues and to improve our coaching skills, to be able to be truly with the client and for the client. Moreover, the topics took us to Romanian ceramic (we could actually touch it and see its beauty) and to Strozzi International Female Choir. Amazing how much you can learn just by being with others and how much we do have in common despite different nationalities. It was a great place to meet new people, reconnect with your friends and network.

Dream Job Diva


2 thoughts on “”Does the coach need a coach? – after Connect Coffee meeting

  1. And it’s great that you share your impression with the others !
    Your blog looks great, clear and simple ! And I like the colors !….
    Success !!!

    1. Thank you Lia – the purpose of the blog is to let people know what they can do in order to relax after stressful day at work or even more stressful day after searching for one.

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