Support system – ”Connect with your dream job”

Already on 14th March – first this year ‘’Connect with your dream job’’ support meeting for those who do search for a job.

It is so crucial to have a support system in any situation. Even more important to know that there are people in similar situation fighting every day with anger, disappointment and sometimes even a small depression because they do get rejected.

Those people most of the time are very intelligent, creative people with lots of international experience and fantastic universities degrees. Some of them have their special, hidden passion and they are coming to realized during our sessions, that they may turn it into a business  – their new dream job. Some of them have been for a long time unemployed due to the fact that they were traveling, studying, following their spouses or being a mothers and now they are facing a new reality of job search / job market (not the most friendly and open at this very moment).

It is great for them and for me to share our feelings and experiences of job search not only within The Netherlands (as the group take place in The Hague) but also within other countries.

It is amazing to see how people connect and are willing to help one another. As at that moment they are able to give something to someone and not thinking or feeling of a grey and painful reality.

Dream Job Diva

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