After Connecting Women ”OK, I’ve moved here…now what?” meeting…

Tonight at Connecting Women meeting Sinead Hewson suggested we all shall each evening, before going to sleep, write 5 things we are grateful for / happy about what has happened during the day.

Since, I think it is a great idea for self motivation and for bringing a positivity to our life, my 5 things for today, I am grateful for, are:

  1. Writing few post for this blog (as I thought it will be difficult to do so, and it is actually a huge pleasure writing it);
  2. Receiving a rose out of the blue;
  3. Meeting and connecting with one positive and interesting woman;
  4. Receiving from an old, good friend a message that she missed me and sending me a song for goodnight :  LANA DEL REY
  5. Giving a hug and feeling that the hug is being received and appreciated (I am a cuddly person as much as I love to receive a hug I love to give one too; unfortunately there are a lot of people with very limited personal space and are not willing to receive or give one) therefore it was so special…

I highly recommend to all of you to make a list (even once) of great things that happened to you during the day. Once you focus on the good points around you and within your life, you actually may start attracting positive energy which may redirect and change your life…

Dream Job Diva


5 thoughts on “After Connecting Women ”OK, I’ve moved here…now what?” meeting…

  1. You are more than welcome Mary Jane. And now you are double special as you are the first person leaving the comment on my blog. Thank you and feel free to write more…

  2. What a great idea, Joanna! And well done on your blog. I look forward to reading your next post. Deirdre

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