CV – different view

For many reasons, I have decided to go back to the job market (not that I don’t like what I do, to the contrary I love it and therefore I wish to grow and improve and for that in our world the money are needed). Also having a regular job give me more energy to be even better at what I do (I do know myself; need to do more things at the same time and everything will be ok).

I didn’t limited myself only to The Netherlands where I’m currently living. I decided to check my options and see how different nations view my CV.

Talking about my CV, I have more than 40 version of it in three different languages. Few years back it was ok to have one CV and only change accordingly the motivation letter. Internet literature and research shows that nowadays majority of the recruiters don’t read the motivation letter going straight to CV and even than looking at it only for few second or even not. They scan it and let the system (ATS -> application tracking system) to check the key words; if you fit or not. So that’s it concerning the human factor on making a decision? Do I like the idea of being chosen to some company by random application system? I believe I am too old fashion for that as choosing a good candidate should be in my humble opinion more than that (but ya in nowadays jobless environment when for 1 vacancy there are hundreds of applicants – it isn’t possible – or is it? – maybe here managers can think and hire more personnel to HR departments to help choose valuable person for his/her team). Which will at the end of the day safe the company money and hopefully bring a benefit.

Nevertheless, as I was writing above, I was tasting the water and sending my CV among other thing to UK, Poland , Ireland and of course to the Netherlands.

And here my confusion started as in UK within less than 24 hours I got a job (obviously didn’t take it, however still great!), in Poland I seemed to be overqualified when here in The Netherlands or I didn’t received any reaction or I was not qualify enough. Interesting, taking into consideration I was applying for similar positions with almost the same CV (as said before tasting the CV and reactions on it). So my conclusion is: simply rewrite your CV to each vacancy, however don’t lose yourself  – show who you are. Even thou at the end of the day the machine will be choosing shall you stay or shall you go…

Although why shall we deny our self the chance to get the job we want. If we don’t try to do our best nobody will do it for us, therefore regardless of ATS system or not; few second CV screening or not keep looking and applying as you never know..

Dream Job Diva


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