My journey towards becoming Career & Life Coach…

I have just realised that my  life was divided in many different phases.

I was a child, a student,  an employee and an entrepreneur. I was and I am a job seeker; I am a project and / or opportunity seeker; I am a Career & Life Coach, I am a connector; I am a person who truly enjoy other human beings as it is the best way to discover the world.

I also realized that most of my jobs (back in Poland) I have got without even applying for them – it was all a great coincident (being at the right place and time, meeting the right people). Also many of the job possibilities I have found out about and passed further to my friends and family – connecting them with the right people or work places, paid off and they were happy having their new employment.

Coming to The Netherlands this has changed and I needed to adjust and learn few tricks. I am still learning as the job market is in a constant  change (especially since the economic crises), however I am able now to teach others, spread the knowledge and my personal (and others) experience in order to make it easier for those who are just coming into the jungle of the work search.

While I needed to choose the university, at first I did not pay so much of attention to it.

Why, because I wanted to experience and discovered the world. Luckily my parents were smarter than me and they said:’’ You can always go abroad, but first you do need to finish your study’’.

So I enrolled in some marketing university department and that is how I got one of my first jobs:

I went out with friends of mine to the club and we met American business people. One of them become my future boos – only because he heard I was about to study Marketing and that my English was better that majority of his employees. He said: ‘’Come work for me, as that is the best way to learn about marketing – by doing things’’. And I did so. It was one fantastic experience since the company was new on the Polish market and we needed to introduce it to the public. Back than Internet was not so popular, therefore lots of marketing tools and preparations looked different than nowadays (nobody heard about the social media).

I never finished my marketing studies, as I quitted and  received another job – also due to knowing the right person. However this time, I  went for an interview, my first ever.  The CEO of the company looked at me and asked: ‘’Are you sure you wish to work here? I believe best for you will be to get pregnant and become a mother, why bother with working?’’. I was only 19 years old at that point (lets think for a moment, how the labor law has change – hearing similar question at this time will be not possible – however some employers trying to do so still, which is not  allowed to). Nevertheless, I got a job.  After a while, I find out that quitting an university was not such a good idea as gaining the knowledge and experiencing studying was something I missed.

I have enrolled into Human Resources Management and I was able to experience firsthand what it is all about as I got a job at the same time in governmental body within the HR department. Great experience not only HR wise but also experiencing whole bureaucracy world.

Even thou, I was full time working and studying during the weekends and it was not required, I decided to look for an internship to keep me busy and gaining an experience. It all paid of later on – when I made a concise decision to become a Career & Life Coach.

Dream Job Diva


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