02 Mar

As a Career & Life Coach and still searching and experiencing exiting things in life, and at the same time meeting amazing people from all over the world woman, I wish to share my personal and external experiences and stories about searching for a job as well as exploring the meaning of life.

Showing what went well and what went wrong (according to myself) while conducting the job search and / or the job interview and how that could affect the personal life.

All the stories are mine or were experience by others, however due to the fact that I have met lots of people in my life, I may not exactly remember their names or places they were working in (therefore I will avoid using names). Also for the purpose of this blog it is not relevant – as hopefully from the stories itself one can gain inspiring and needed information to find the dream job, their dream life.

At the same time, I wish to combine in general the point of view on the job / work floor itself as well as importance of the influence the right job has on personal life.  I wish to elaborate on cultural differences between countries, that others or I have been living and working, as well as between  international points of view while working within the same company / country. How do we perceive things? Will it help us and others to find their dream job they are looking for or live their dream life?

Moreover, I wish to share my opinions on read job related and self development articles.

Finally, I hope to  get into discussion with some of you concerning all mention issues.

Dream Job Diva

NOTE: All people, events, places and services are  NOT paid ads, unless specify different under the concrete post. I present here, people I met and respect and admire. I describe and share with you events, places and services I have personally experience with. I feel there is a value in sharing it with you in order to inspire you. As well as for a simple pleasure of writing about it for me and for an enjoyment of reading it for you. Enjoy the blog and do not hesitate to share your opinions with me and other readers.

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