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NOTE: All people, events, places and services are  NOT paid ads, unless specify different under the concrete post. I present here, people I met and respect and admire. I describe and share with you events, places and services I have personally experience with. I feel there is a value in sharing it with you in order to inspire you. As well as for a simple pleasure of writing about it for me and for an enjoyment of reading it for you. Enjoy it! Do not hesitate to share your opinions with me and others.

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Don’t wait for permission to express yourself…!

Before you going to judge me for my love of watching romantic series on Netflix, watch the attached video first!

If not for “Jane the Virgin” serial, I would not find myself browsing on Internet finding ways to watch the following episode. If I would not be doing it, I would not come a cross the main man character (Rafael) – Justin Baldoni’s video. Curious what it could be, first I thought it is a stand up performance (don’t ask me why). I was taken away the moment I pushed the button “play”, as it appeared to be #TED Talk (I love TED, each time I get inspired).(this is the video I talk about).

And than having Justin/Rafael assumed vision of him, I kept watching and with each and every word more and more listening.
Most of you know and love the work of Brene Brown – vulnerability & shame guru. Justin is the man’s version, and obviously more handsome one of Brene.
If those two would do the show together about vulnerability topic I think, it could be a bigger hit than Oprah. OK just kidding – love her too much to really think it could be possible, but you get the point.

So please watch it, especially men, who were raised to be the macho man with no showing of feelings, and deep down are just this little kid who is scared and wish could cry, cuddle and share his emotions but the society made him forbid that only because he is a man.
And for every women to realize that we do not have the monopoly to share and have our emotions.

Maybe if men & women would be more vulnerable and open to share the deepest, darkest emotions with each other, we would live in a totally different world. For sure we would raise a better equipped generation of humans. Especially in the era of social media where everyone is hiding and showing only “the best” part of her/himself. When people forgot or are scared how to make the real human connection.

Please share your feelings – everyone and each counts.

“…Don’t wait for permission to express yourself!..
…Are you brave enough to be vulnerable? To reach out for another man when you need help!…”
Why I’m done trying to be “man enough” | Justin Baldoni

Redefine your why…

I believe that people are beautiful creatures who deserve to be heard, to be visible, to be loved and to be supported.

Recently discovered Simon Sinek and his idea of Why – thanks to my current client. Even while working I keep learning everyday – awesome feeling.
Never stop learning.

That is why I like freelance work you are able to choose people and projects which are of interest for you.

What do you like about your work ???

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Be a child in order to grow…

“Be a child in order to grow to see things from different perspective “
A while ago I have attended V.I.P. training run by Open The Door Leadership (currently re-branded and named AZKUA) were the topics were as follow:

  • Self-Love
  • Self-Compassion
  • Shame Resilience

Wow, what a 3 day training it was!!! What a powerful and positive energy and what an eye opening process. Loved what one of as told us “what’s easy for you it’s probably your strength “ – thank you for it.

While discussing the Failure, other person said that acronym of fail stands for:

  • F – First
  • A – Attempt
  • I – In
  • L – Learning

So lets keep learning!!!

If you wanna know more or you wish to become a participant of VIP training just drop a line to Manuela Damant or Dagmar Hopf – two lovely coaches who run this powerful professional training program.

Love it – happy to meet all the wonderful ladies!!!

The best thing is we all mirror each other as it seems we all have the same fears, feelings and dreams, how amazing, as we can support each other.

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Have you heard of a “Teal Organization”?

Have you heard of a “Teal Organization”? Don’t you worry till I started to work with my current client, I didn’t know what it is either.

It is a new way of working for organizations. According to the research done by the author Teal Org comes with 3 breakthroughs:

  • self-management
  • wholeness
  • evolutionary purpose

In preparation for further cooperation I read “Reinventing organizations” by Frederic Laloux. It’s a great, easy, interesting and informative book.

Taking notes make me feel a bit like a student. If we don’t learn we are not developing! Preparing for a business meeting – yes I’m a remote / virtual assistant, however I love to have my clients close by. That way we can have a business or catching up coffee meetings.

Even though I would not trade remote work, I still value personal touch and close relationships with my clients. It’s crucial for me as that way I’m able to deliver better work by knowing them personally.

As a Business Owner what do you reckon about regular face to face meetings with your remote coworkers?
Do you see any value in knowing personally the person you work with?

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Everything is learnable…

Working from home doesn’t mean I don’t get a chance to meet other people.

Into the contrary as a self employed it is crucial to go out for:

  • Social events to recharge the batteries & to clear the busy mind, we need rest & fun activities to balance life
  • Networking events which is crucial to our businesses, as they say it doesn’t matter what you know, it does matter who you know!!!
  • Conferences, workshops & trainings to keep us up to date & learning.

The other Friday I had a pleasure to participate in the Connect2Grow – Mentoring Circle under umbrella of Rise and Lead Women by Ebere Akadiri. It was great opportunity to learn something new. Moreover, a huge eye opener & relief to find out that I’m not alone. Blanca Lilia Vergara had an amazing presentation. I knew she was great before but it was super to discover it again.

Here are some inspirational quotes from the event:

  • “Grow needs change, so change your habits” “You are unlimited”
  • “Every thing is learnable”
  • “Society needs us to do only one thing… Everything “
  • ”It’s easier to say what you don’t want than to express what you really want”
  • “In order to be in balance we need to be open for more and be content with where we are at this moment “

So great to reconnect and see new faces.

What is your experience with Virtual Assistant?

Do you know you could outsource your time consuming tasks to Virtual / Remote Assistant?

Just had a pleasure to participate in Zoom session created by BASE Conference “How to get free PR and become the authority in your field”. The charming and resourceful guest Simone Vincenzi shared with us some valuable tips for running free PR for our small businesses – thank you.

Though he also said few interesting things regarding VA:

“Remember building a business is not doing everything on your own… …Idea is to outsource as fast as possible …

… Be clear on what you wish to outsource first, before hiring Virtual Assistant…”

Also BASE Conference founders mentioned: “…we also have VA & we are love it & could not do it all without it…”

Thank you for giving the visibility to Virtual Assistants and sharing your opinion on it.

What is your experience hiring Virtual Assistant?

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What if …

What if you were a well developed computer?


& than the electricity goes down and all the data on your hard disc is not available anymore till you plug in again.
Your body and mind need the energy to function properly. Same as the computer (I like that analogy from author Anodea Judith).

In order to go further, to go faster, to go beyond unexpected, you need to charge your body’s batteries. You need to fuel your mind and body.
Therefore, next to the nutrition you should really take care of yourself and rest.

Create the inner peace. Do absolutely nothing. Enjoy life – enjoy the moment.

Sometimes the solution is to outsource some of your daily tasks.

Either you’re stay home mom and needs a day off – ask your hubby or your mother, a sister or a friend to help you out and do some chores for you.

Or you’re an entrepreneur who gets more and more on its plate. If you work with a team you can ask other team members to step in and help you out.

What if you are a solopreneur? Can you afford your inner computer to crash? What if there is a solution for overload? What if you could choose to work with somebody instead? Somebody who could work hand in hand with you to free you and help the batteries to run on less energy. Somebody who doesn’t necessarily sit in the office with you but do it remotely, that way you safe your inner energy and, yes hurray an office cost.

Would you like that somebody by your side?

How did we meet…?

I always say: ”I’d rather meet a person face to face than via Internet”. Unfortunately few times I had a bad experience.
Well time has change. I must admit that thanks to Internet I have had a pleasure to get to know some amazing and interesting people. One of such is Sandra Borowiecky.
A young, talented journalist, writer and self publisher. I had a luxury to meet her in person in Warsaw, my city, for a great and friendly chat.
When Sandra heard from me that in The Hague, where I live now, the Polish library will be finally open, which I was and still am also very exited about. She was so generous and donated the two books on the photo (”Ani żadnej rzeczy” / ”Neither thing” and ”Która jego jest”/ ”Which is his”).
I love reading. I love books. I can just go to the bookstore only to see, to touch or to smell the books. Crazy? I do not think so. So when I got this wonderful gift, I couldn’t stop reading, though I had to as a mom of a toddler. Those books are a great read, and now more people will be able to read it while visiting Polish library in The Hague.
They are so exiting and mixed in-between the stories of Dan Brown and Holy Grail legend, which I love, including many more. Once in English you must read.
Thank you Sandra for giving me a wonderful time while reading your books. Looking forward for the part three.
As time has change more and more people meet via Internet. Is it a good or bad thing? I do not really know. I know for sure that meeting people become way easier nowadays and that it could be a nice surprise for you…

How did we meet

Ups and downs…

When a baby sleeps mama can do some work…
I was so tired yesterday that I felt asleep in my cloths, waking up this morning fully dress. I was very disoriented what has happened.

Full time mom and a business woman in one not always work perfectly. There are ups and downs but who doesn’t have it. We are all responsible for our own choices and actions.

1️⃣ My number one priority is my son.
2️⃣ My biggest goal is to be location and financially independent.
3️⃣ My dream is to live with my whole family. Has a little garden and be able to do what I love the most: cooking for my loved one (including making jars and bake cakes).  And read, read, read. And finally at the end of the day have a glass of wine with people I love and enjoy the company…

Sometimes I have no power and  motivation to work. Yes even a coach can lack motivation from time to time.

Sometimes I just wish to cuddle my son and run away far far from here…

Than I look at my son and I know that I work that hard to be able to enjoy him as much as possible.

It is worth it even though it is hard.

Ups and downs… on LinkedIn

ups & downs blog

3 things you wish to know before starting a business

Follow your inner voice…

Currently I’m in a stage of rethinking and evaluating my career path and my life goals.
I worked as an assistant to a various international organisations, for many interesting and demanding projects. One day to another I decided to become a Coach. I did not know how challenging and wonderfully knowledgeable process it would be. While taking a coaching training I did not only learn about coaching tools, most importantly I learned a lot about myself.
Coaching people is a rewording job. Working for big organisations as an assistant was a great way to learn not only the administration tools and organisation world itself, but also the range of variety of people from all over the world was the best case study for me as a coach and a person.
Being pregnant and becoming a mother have changed my way of thinking and  my perspective what is really important in life. While pregnant I had a chance to follow a Virtual Assistant course and I jumped  into it.
Hence now I do both: Coaching and Virtual Assisting.
In both cases I help others. Either by helping to realise someone’s dreams and goals in professional and personal life. Or by providing an administration assisting hand to someone’s business. That way in a coaching process one can finally see that sometimes what matters the most is – You. While providing a Virtual Assisting service we focus on the grow and smooth running of someone’s business. In both cases the focus is on – You  -and what you can do best and what makes you smile and wake up every morning.

Recently, somebody asked a general question on a Facebook closed VA group:
”What are 3 things you wish you knew before starting your business?”.
At first I scrolled down, just to come back in a few minutes to give an answer:

”My 3 things will be:

1 – do not quit your current job before establishing your business first (I did it with my coaching career);
2 – I wished I set up my goals more clear at that time (I decided to be a coach while actually my number 1 goal / priority was to have location free and home based work; which I didn’t realize it back than) – hence adding to my coaching also a VA service;
3 – it is very hard to promote and sell yourself – it’s much much easier to do it for somebody else. ”

This one question from Facebook board just made me think. Putting down the answers cleared my mind. Also it lead to this post, as I found it motivating and useful information. I would like to know what other business owners think of those questions

What would you advice yourself back than?
What would you like to know about your business before starting?

Would you like to share it with me and others? That way we all can learn. Those who are thinking of a career switch from a corporate world into a self-employment and those who are already self-employed and struggle or same as myself rethinking and evaluating their current status.

Become a mentor for a moment and teach us all the wise lessons you have experience while starting and running your business.

3 things you wish to know before starting a business on LinkedIn

What do you really want?

What do you really want?

It seems as a very easy question, yet people tend to have a problem with it…

When I ask as a coach to my coachees: “What it is you really want?”, people freeze.  Their faces become tense and the process of intense thinking starts. Some do not even understand the question. They need a proper instruction and explanation of it. Once they realise the meaning of it, they become defensive and angry:

* “What a stupid question?” * “What do you want from me?” * “Why are you asking that?” * “How should I know?” * “I want what my family/friends/boss wants”

Is that last one really your wish? Or you are so afraid of thinking and dreaming for yourself that you hide behind others to have excuse for not doing anything in your life and for yourself. Is that the excuse for keeping the complains regarding your own life?

“What do you really want?” – This simple question is crucial in daily life. If you do not really know what you want, what your dreams are, it is very difficult to create your life and to get something from it.

Of course sometimes one tends to go whenever life will bring him/her. Though is it what most of us want?

Sometimes you have a desire, yet all: “I must”, “I have to”, “What others will say about it?”, “I cannot really do it”; cause that you even do not dare to dream any further. And you forget about it. You suppress it deep inside you. This is not a solution. Of course not all dreams are able to become true. Yet simple having a dream make us happier and ready for an action.

When you have a dream, you have a goal. When you have a goal you become proactive. When you are proactive strange, unexpected and good things happens around you and your life is more creative and more attractive. Than the fact if you will reach a goal / the dream does not matter anymore as your life is meaningful already. When you know what you want, it is much easier to ask for help. It is much easier to plan and go for it.

In professional life also, if you know what you want / who you wanna be, the focus on it brings the effects faster.

So – what do you really want?

What do you really want on LinkedIn

What do you really want

What to write…

What to write…

So many people write these days. So many written and / or visual content around us.

Do I wish to share things with the audience…? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. However, since I could go back with my memories I was always writing a diary, inspired by some books by Lucy Maud Montgomery. My very first paid job was a review of a book by Margit Sandemo. Later I had started with a blog, which due to some life circumstances I stopped for now. Though it is still at the back of my mind, that I wish to go back and continue creative, positive and stress relief process of writing. I am not a writer. I make the mistakes. Yet, I just love to share what is on my mind.

I’ve recently seen LinkedIn info about this Publishing possibility and though: ”Lets give it a try, why not”.

Before becoming a mother, I was always admiring other mothers who in order to be able to take care of their children, created, started and opened a new business. I always knew that in case I will be a mom I would stay with my child. I did not know that my creativity and willingness to be still financially independent will make me think beyond what I used to know and do.

Few years back I became a coach in order to be independent in what and how I wish to do things. At the same time, discovering coaching made me realised that this is something I really wish to do. I learn a lot about myself and others. I became a better person thanks to my clients and I dare to believe they did the same.

When starting with coaching I heard about Virtual Assisting job from a colleague of mine. Though than I thought it was nothing for me, as what could I offer? Nothing further from the truth. Making an inventory of my professional life I have realised that I can do it as I have been an assistant from the begin and in so many different areas.

So here we come – working from home mom: a coach and a virtual assistant – becoming a person I have always admire. Do I like it? – Yes, of course. Is it easy? – Not always. Will I change anything in my career so far? – Absolutely not, as it made me a person I am today.

What to write more….? Well, in the times when nobody can be certain of its work place, its relations with others – just be yourself. It is not always easy. It is not always appreciated. It is not always what your family and friends want – though are we living their lives or ours…?

What to write… on LinkedIn

What to write...

Dream Job of Dorottya Kiss

I have met, or rather heard and seen Dorottya at the networking event /conference for Women’s Day this year on 08 March 2014 in The Hague. Due to the fact that I love dance and that I am motivated by passionate people, I was absolutely fascinated and inspired by  Dorottya’s story and therefore I asked her to share her dream job with all of you…

Name:      Dorottya Kiss


  • Born and lived 17 years in Budapest (Hungary)
  • Currently living 15 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • The rest …2 years I have worked on ‘sea’…

What is your dream?
I believe this blog wouldn’t have enough place to express my dreams… Dorottya
Perhaps the best answer would be now- that I’m trying to live my dreams…sometimes with success and sometimes with hope to reach the dream…

What is my dream job?
What I have been doing and doing now…Director & Choreographer  & Performing Arts Professional
More recently: Cultural Entrepreneur & Cultural Economists with a Cultural Sociological ‘twist’

In summary I would say: I’am a VISIONARY – CREATIVE & DREAMER – IMPLEMENTER and this is my job…

How did you achieve your goal = dream job?
With a lot of…

  • dreaming, dreaming, dreaming…
  • envisioning
  • studying
  • practicing
  • failure and standing up and failure and standing up…
  • believing, believing, believing
  • collaborating
  • openness…
  • doing doing doing…
  • learning from my faults…

How did you achieve your dream-job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?
My answer would be the same as here above the previous answer to the previous question 

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

  • dream, dream, dream,
  • envision
  • study
  • practice
  • dare to fail and than stand up
  • believe, believe, believe
  • collaborate- and understand when you need to operate alone and when you need teamwork
  • stay open for anything that comes…
  • DO DO DO
  • learning from your faults
  • surround yourself with motivating people, who give you positive energy, but have enough people who are critically challenging you…
  • when things isn’t going the right way…realize YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN CHANGE IT…YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY…do something about it….

Who are you?


…A ‘creative’ with a passion for the (performing) arts, (cultural) entrepreneurial activities and for collaborations within and outside the creative fields…

…An individual with -according to my friends, colleagues and teachers- a quite ambitious attitude towards making the world a ‘better place’…

…A person who gets energy by motivating people and helping them to find different ways of perceiving themselves and making the best of their capabilities…

…A woman who -no matter what happened or will happen- refuses to be a victim of people or life in general and who believes: ‘We create our own reality’ …

…and while dreaming and envisioning, creating and implementing, collaborating, motivating and helping others, I’ am Dorottya Kiss who keeps on developing and learning from everything and everybody…

I’ am the Founder & Director of the following non-profit & for-profit companies:

de KISS moves FUSION Dance Company (Since 2005)
BARDooo Art Works – DESIGN (Since 2011)
STAGE 2 CONNECT- The Global Performing Arts Network (Since 2013)

Further on this matter I’ am a:

Dance Industry professional: Dancer & Choreographer (Since 1997)
BA Cultural Scientist (focus: Sociology & Economics of Arts & Culture)  (Since 2013)
MA in Cultural Economics & Entrepreneurship (expected 2014)
MA in Arts and Cultural Sciences (expected 2014)
Besides my first passion for the performing arts (specifically dance art) I have been so lucky to discover science as another ‘obsession’. Besides being a director, choreographer/performing arts professional, general manager, and a co-creative designer and thus a cultural entrepreneur for more than 13 years now, my ambition is not to only integrate science into my works on stage, but also to my everyday life as a professional working mainly within the performing arts industry (however I’m open to any other sectors to collaborate with and to use my know-how).

Cultural Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management, (Cultural) Sociology, Cultural Policy Making & Integration Strategies, Business Creation & Branding, Organizations (its theory, sociology and culture), (Cultural) Entrepreneurship, Urban Development Strategies and in general the Cultural and Creative Industries are areas that catch my main interest. My work experience within many layers of the Performing Arts sector has taught me to adjust to a continuously changing environment and tackle (organizational, financial, psychological etc.) problems with an open mind and a persistent creative approach.

Without being conceited, I do believe that the balance between passion and know-how, art & creativity, business and science confer me with a unique combination of skills that could contribute to the many non-profit and for-profit organizations out there…

Besides being a continuous entrepreneur I’m also highly interested to collaborate with or work for people/ organizations that seek my contribution on a personal-, organizational-, local-, national-, (EU) or international level.

After teaching (different kind of dance techniques and Pilates) for many years and giving (motivational) workshops for dance industry professionals, recently I also started to give motivational speeches and workshops for a more ‘general’ public. This is a new area I’m discovering and enjoying right now.

Within 7 years from now I will publish my first book. I would like to share my story with others and perhaps inspire people to never give up dreaming and realizing those dreams…

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Dream Job of Seiko Fujiwara

I have met Seiko in 2009. We both we volunteers of ACCESS. In 2009, together with other girlfriends,  we created CV group, that was the beginning of Connect with your dream job. Even though Seiko left The Netherlands, she is still my friend and I hope one day we will have a chance to meet again. 

Name:               Seiko Fujiwara 

Country/City:     Japan/Tokyo

What is your dream?    seiko
Being happy always. No matter how, I just want to feel happy.

What is my dream job?
Maybe something creative and challenging. Job is a really important element of my life. Through working, I can feel my identity, “I’m here”. In other words, a job I can feel identity is my dream job.

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?
I’m in the way. Just try, do everything I can do, get opportunities I can take.
After coming back to Japan from the 7.5 years stay in the Netherlands, I started to study design. Even though I had enough experiences as a software developer, I could not give up to work as a creator. At that point I was already over 40 years which is the age some people may think it’s too old to start a new thing, but I didn’t think so, and tried it.
The result of that I think I got a step ahead. At this moment I’m standing on the point which might change my life. I’ll keep trying, and in that way I will be able to achieve my dream I believe.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?
Know what you really want and need. Don’t get swayed by others. Keep yourself. And go for it.

Who are you?
I’m a Japanese woman who is living in Tokyo, working as a system analyst, but dreaming of working as a creator. I love designed, beautiful things. 🙂

Coordinated by Dream Job Diva

Dream Job of Elske van Holk

I don’t even remember when and where for the first time I met Elske. Either it was during Connecting Women monthly meetings, where I was a PR Coordinator, either at many other expat networking events. Elske is a nice and warm person, always smiling 🙂 As Elske is saying networking is one of the most important activities one need to do in order to achieve its goals. I have to shamefully admit, that I have not yet visited STET, however it is on my bucket list. 

Name:    Elske van Holk

Country: The Netherlands

What is your dream?    Elske

When looking around I realise that despite many mishaps in my life I have also been blessed with many wonderful and beautiful happenings. So all in all a lot of my dreams have been accomplished already. I am a lucky person with many dear ones around me. But in general I hope we will be able to hand down the earth to future generations without having done too much damage to it. And I hope that future generations will feel that same responsibility. I firmly believe in the role of art as a uniting tool and experience that can help us going forward on deeper levels and create a better universal understanding for each other in this world. My dream would be that more people can be touched by art and moved positively in protecting their relationships and environment.

What is my dream job?

I qualified as a lawyer and a social worker and did one year of drama school. My first dream job was actually when I lived close to London and worked for Southwark Playhouse, a wonderful studio theatre south of the Thames in London. Southwark Playhouse provides very high quality theatre productions but is also deeply rooted in the community it is based in. So all my skills and loves were being used. I had for six years a great time there. After our return to the Netherlands I set up STET The English Theatre in 2006 and created my own dream-job. As the money was not so great I found another dream-job in 2008 in the Expatriate Archive Centre. As it turned out I had to make a choice in 2013 between the two as the day only has 24 hours. Having found a fabulous successor to lead the Expatriate Archive Centre, I choose to continue at STET. It is incredibly rewarding and enriching to work in and for the international community in The Hague and provide this community with great theatre. So lucky me I am in a dream job once again.

How did you achieve your dream-job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

I think I was lucky that in a way the jobs found me. I believe very much in living your life as organically as possible. So go with the flow. But once I got the jobs, I followed the tips (with ups and downs of course) which I have outlined hereunder. The hardest part is that as a wife, mother and friend you do not like to say NO, when called upon – I have to admit I am still not very good at it, which comes at a price that every now and then I beg for the 48 hour day – which of course is never going to happen. Getting the balance right is a challenge for me and I realise that it sometimes must be hard for my loved ones to live with me.

What are your tips to others concerning the Dream Job/Life?

I have my own business, a theatre is nothing else then a shop. You sell goods that people like to buy. For those who also like to set up their own business, I think my biggest tip is to make sure that your home-base is OK. If your partner, children or circle of friends are grumbling that they do not see you as often as they would like, it is hard, particularly when the hours are long and odd and it is very difficult to generate real income from it.

This brings me to the second tip which is Perseverance, Perseverance, Perseverance. This means that you cannot always please your base, but you can make them aware how important this work is for you, so they accept that you are not always there for them.

Thirdly you have to be prepared to work odd hours (often when others are already asleep).

And lastly it cannot be said enough … network, network and network. Contacts are of the essence when setting up your own business whether it is as a consultant or as a theatre producer, you have to go out and get to know people who can inspire you and help you to develop. And it is equally rewarding to share your own knowledge and skills with others and often creates new opportunities again.

Who are you?

I am a happy person that leads STET The English Theatre. We work for most of our productions in the Koninklijke Schouwburg in The Hague. In Summer we go outdoors and have great open-air productions. Theatre practitioners from around the world are brought in by STET to provide the international community (including many Dutch internationals) with a high quality theatre programme all year round. And STET was one of the producers of the first ever English language Shakespeare Festival, which will continue in the years to come. We also reach out with an extensive education programme to many schools in all of The Netherlands. So have a look at and hope to see you at one of our performances!

Jo shakespeer

Coordinated by Dream Job Diva