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I wish to share here, my personal and external stories. The stories about searching and understating the meaning of life. Stories one can learn from it and become inspired and motivated.

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NOTE: All people, events, places and services are  NOT paid ads, unless specify different under the concrete post. I present here, people I met and respect and admire. I describe and share with you events, places and services I have personally experience with. I feel there is a value in sharing it with you in order to inspire you. As well as for a simple pleasure of writing about it for me and for an enjoyment of reading it for you. Enjoy it! Do not hesitate to share your opinions with me and others.

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Don’t wait for permission to express yourself…!

Before you going to judge me for my love of watching romantic series on Netflix, watch the attached video first!

If not for “Jane the Virgin” serial, I would not find myself browsing on Internet finding ways to watch the following episode. If I would not be doing it, I would not come a cross the main man character (Rafael) – Justin Baldoni’s video. Curious what it could be, first I thought it is a stand up performance (don’t ask me why). I was taken away the moment I pushed the button “play”, as it appeared to be #TED Talk (I love TED, each time I get inspired).(this is the video I talk about).

And than having Justin/Rafael assumed vision of him, I kept watching and with each and every word more and more listening.
Most of you know and love the work of Brene Brown – vulnerability & shame guru. Justin is the man’s version, and obviously more handsome one of Brene.
If those two would do the show together about vulnerability topic I think, it could be a bigger hit than Oprah. OK just kidding – love her too much to really think it could be possible, but you get the point.

So please watch it, especially men, who were raised to be the macho man with no showing of feelings, and deep down are just this little kid who is scared and wish could cry, cuddle and share his emotions but the society made him forbid that only because he is a man.
And for every women to realize that we do not have the monopoly to share and have our emotions.

Maybe if men & women would be more vulnerable and open to share the deepest, darkest emotions with each other, we would live in a totally different world. For sure we would raise a better equipped generation of humans. Especially in the era of social media where everyone is hiding and showing only “the best” part of her/himself. When people forgot or are scared how to make the real human connection.

Please share your feelings – everyone and each counts.

“…Don’t wait for permission to express yourself!..
…Are you brave enough to be vulnerable? To reach out for another man when you need help!…”
Why I’m done trying to be “man enough” | Justin Baldoni

Redefine your why…

I believe that people are beautiful creatures who deserve to be heard, to be visible, to be loved and to be supported.

Recently discovered Simon Sinek and his idea of Why – thanks to my current client. Even while working I keep learning everyday – awesome feeling.
Never stop learning.

That is why I like freelance work you are able to choose people and projects which are of interest for you.

What do you like about your work ???

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Be a child in order to grow…

“Be a child in order to grow to see things from different perspective “
A while ago I have attended V.I.P. training run by Open The Door Leadership (currently re-branded and named AZKUA) were the topics were as follow:

  • Self-Love
  • Self-Compassion
  • Shame Resilience

Wow, what a 3 day training it was!!! What a powerful and positive energy and what an eye opening process. Loved what one of as told us “what’s easy for you it’s probably your strength “ – thank you for it.

While discussing the Failure, other person said that acronym of fail stands for:

  • F – First
  • A – Attempt
  • I – In
  • L – Learning

So lets keep learning!!!

If you wanna know more or you wish to become a participant of VIP training just drop a line to Manuela Damant or Dagmar Hopf – two lovely coaches who run this powerful professional training program.

Love it – happy to meet all the wonderful ladies!!!

The best thing is we all mirror each other as it seems we all have the same fears, feelings and dreams, how amazing, as we can support each other.

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Have you heard of a “Teal Organization”?

Have you heard of a “Teal Organization”? Don’t you worry till I started to work with my current client, I didn’t know what it is either.

It is a new way of working for organizations. According to the research done by the author Teal Org comes with 3 breakthroughs:

  • self-management
  • wholeness
  • evolutionary purpose

In preparation for further cooperation I read “Reinventing organizations” by Frederic Laloux. It’s a great, easy, interesting and informative book.

Taking notes make me feel a bit like a student. If we don’t learn we are not developing! Preparing for a business meeting – yes I’m a remote / virtual assistant, however I love to have my clients close by. That way we can have a business or catching up coffee meetings.

Even though I would not trade remote work, I still value personal touch and close relationships with my clients. It’s crucial for me as that way I’m able to deliver better work by knowing them personally.

As a Business Owner what do you reckon about regular face to face meetings with your remote coworkers?
Do you see any value in knowing personally the person you work with?

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Everything is learnable…

Working from home doesn’t mean I don’t get a chance to meet other people.

Into the contrary as a self employed it is crucial to go out for:

  • Social events to recharge the batteries & to clear the busy mind, we need rest & fun activities to balance life
  • Networking events which is crucial to our businesses, as they say it doesn’t matter what you know, it does matter who you know!!!
  • Conferences, workshops & trainings to keep us up to date & learning.

The other Friday I had a pleasure to participate in the Connect2Grow – Mentoring Circle under umbrella of Rise and Lead Women by Ebere Akadiri. It was great opportunity to learn something new. Moreover, a huge eye opener & relief to find out that I’m not alone. Blanca Lilia Vergara had an amazing presentation. I knew she was great before but it was super to discover it again.

Here are some inspirational quotes from the event:

  • “Grow needs change, so change your habits” “You are unlimited”
  • “Every thing is learnable”
  • “Society needs us to do only one thing… Everything “
  • ”It’s easier to say what you don’t want than to express what you really want”
  • “In order to be in balance we need to be open for more and be content with where we are at this moment “

So great to reconnect and see new faces.

What is your experience with Virtual Assistant?

Do you know you could outsource your time consuming tasks to Virtual / Remote Assistant?

Just had a pleasure to participate in Zoom session created by BASE Conference “How to get free PR and become the authority in your field”. The charming and resourceful guest Simone Vincenzi shared with us some valuable tips for running free PR for our small businesses – thank you.

Though he also said few interesting things regarding VA:

“Remember building a business is not doing everything on your own… …Idea is to outsource as fast as possible …

… Be clear on what you wish to outsource first, before hiring Virtual Assistant…”

Also BASE Conference founders mentioned: “…we also have VA & we are love it & could not do it all without it…”

Thank you for giving the visibility to Virtual Assistants and sharing your opinion on it.

What is your experience hiring Virtual Assistant?

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What if …

What if you were a well developed computer?


& than the electricity goes down and all the data on your hard disc is not available anymore till you plug in again.
Your body and mind need the energy to function properly. Same as the computer (I like that analogy from author Anodea Judith).

In order to go further, to go faster, to go beyond unexpected, you need to charge your body’s batteries. You need to fuel your mind and body.
Therefore, next to the nutrition you should really take care of yourself and rest.

Create the inner peace. Do absolutely nothing. Enjoy life – enjoy the moment.

Sometimes the solution is to outsource some of your daily tasks.

Either you’re stay home mom and needs a day off – ask your hubby or your mother, a sister or a friend to help you out and do some chores for you.

Or you’re an entrepreneur who gets more and more on its plate. If you work with a team you can ask other team members to step in and help you out.

What if you are a solopreneur? Can you afford your inner computer to crash? What if there is a solution for overload? What if you could choose to work with somebody instead? Somebody who could work hand in hand with you to free you and help the batteries to run on less energy. Somebody who doesn’t necessarily sit in the office with you but do it remotely, that way you safe your inner energy and, yes hurray an office cost.

Would you like that somebody by your side?